“EGGS”! GFP MAC with melanoid- good variety of morphs


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eggs laid 1/8/23-1/9/23 shipping will start Friday 1/12 or Monday 1/15


We have eggs laid by “Melanie” a female melanoid all het except possibly hypo with “Prince” a GFP Mel Axnathic Copper all het but not proven albino or hypo yet. This is the first time Prince will be breeding. Melanie has laid very nice clutches in the past. For this clutch we should see at least melanoids, coppers, axanthics, wilds, Lucy’s and possibly albinos with those mix’s such as mel copper included. Roughly half of this clutch will be GFP or glowing.

“Melanie” a mel female all het from a Lucy and Wild from Strohl’s Lines hatched 11/20

”Prince” a GFP MAC all het from The Mottled Lotl hatched 7/22 from a mel Copper and mel


Shipping is INCLUDED in the price of the set of eggs. Please select “Local Pickup” from the shipping options so you are not charged extra. Shipping will be from 11/24/23 to 11/29/23 via USPS priority mail. If you would like a different shipping option please contact me and we can work it out.

All eggs will be “beaned” or developed enough to see that they are viable prior to shipping. After they leave here it is up to you to keep them healthy and hatched. I include an egg and hatchling care guide in every set of eggs. This is for a set of 25 eggs, if you would like more please contact me. I will not ship less than 25 eggs unless the full amount is paid regardless of how few eggs you would like. (For example if you only want to care for ten eggs, you will still have to pay the same price for the set of 25). If you have any questions just send me an email.

**PLEASE NOTE** this pair has not been tested together yet. There is no guarantee on the survival of eggs, only that they will be healthy and beaned prior to shipping.


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