-Shipping of axolotls is suspended between the dates of December 6th.- January 2nd.  Local pick up at our New Castle, PA location is still available.  Deliveries up to one hour away can be arranged in some circumstances for a fee.  Please contact us for more detailed information. You may still order axolotls during this period of time, but the next shipment will not occur until Monday, January 3rd.   Unfortunately, due to the high likelihood of serious delays in shipment and mishandling of packages, we cannot risk the movement of our axolotls during this time period.  We are hopeful that by the holiday season next year, this will not be as great of an issue and we can ship closer to the holidays.

Shipping reptiles and amphibians can be a stressful and perilous ordeal, particularly those that are accustomed to spending most of their time stationary.
-Axolotls are no different, and to a certain extent, a greater challenge to ship due to their need to stay submerged in cold water.   The hotter their environment becomes, the greater the likelihood of a stressful journey.  Heat not only raises the water temperature, but also causes evaporation from an already-small water source.
-In the hot summer months, especially combined pandemic-related logistical problems has made for an especially treacherous journey; while normally heat would be our main opponent in the shipping process, we now are dealing with a significant increase of issues with the shippers that move live animals.  While of course we do all we can to try and ensure safe and effective delivery of your animal, once it leaves our possession, we are somewhat at the mercy of the carrier.
-On top of the increased risk, shippers have been forced to increase their fees  substantially in many cases, which then get passed on down to us, and then you.
-We do apologize for this inconvenience, and want everyone to know that prices will decrease back down to a more manageable level once the cooler months arrive and the pandemic decides to subside.  In the mean time, we are actively seeking alternate options to try and pass on some additional savings to you.
-When you review shipping options, please choose carefully.  If you decide to go with USPS Priority Mail, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE LIVE ARRIVAL OF YOUR AXOLOTL AND WILL NOT REFUND ANY PORTION OF YOUR PAYMENT.  USPS Priority Mail option is offered for those clients willing to accept a certain level of risk, but it is not recommended during the summer months.  We do not even make this option available for those of you in the pacific northwest (Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Alaska), as it is not uncommon for these areas to take upwards of three full days or more in some instances to reach their destination from the east coast using Priority mail.
-Live arrival is only guaranteed with the choice of FedEx Express or USPS Express options.  The above-mentioned exclusion from our live arrival policy will be changed once the weather becomes more forgiving and the shippers become more reliable.

Refund / Return Policy

-We stand by our live on arrival guarantee for all express shipments.  Any dead on arrival shipments will refunded, including the cost of shipment.  We ask that we are notified within 24 hours of the animal’s delivery, and to be provided photographic evidence of the remains.
-If there are other concerns regarding your new axolotl’s health, please notify us as soon as possible.  We will address all problems and come up with a solution.  All animals are veterinary-inspected prior to shipment by our ARAV member vet, Dr. Jeffrey Milner.  

-Returns are accepted if notified within three days of the animal’s arrival.  Unless otherwise noted, all costs associated with returns are not our responsibility.  You will also be required to ship the axolotl back in such a way that it will arrive to us alive and well.  Instructions will be provided upon the start of the returns process.
-If there is any doubt about the authenticity of the actual axolotl you have received, contact us as soon as possible so that we may address the issue.

-Regarding pre-orders or other special circumstances, partial pay deposits are non-refundable.  When you have pre-ordered an axolotl it is reserved for you until the agreed upon time of final payment.  Complete and final payments are due prior to shipment of your axolotl.  If you do not pay the remaining agreed upon owed balance within 10 days of the ready date, the original deposit will be forfeit and the axolotl will return to the general “for sale” page.  If you believe that you will require more than 10 days of time after the availability date arrives, please let me know so that we might be able to come to a financial arrangement, a boarding fee so to speak.