Axolotl Figurine toys


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These cute “happy Axolotl” pieces are about 3 inches long and 2 inches high. They stand on their own and are made of a hard plastic. I have four colors- green (purple gills), white (pink gills), yellow (orange gills) and pink (pink gills).  When you order put a note specifying which color you want.

A toy can be added to any axolotl or filter order by adding it to your cart and just checking out with the shipping you want for the axolotl or filter. No Charge shipping for orders already paying a shipping method. This was you can find one that looks like the axolotl you’re getting and have a little friend for him or her.

If you want a toy and are not getting an axolotl or filter, please email me so we can work out shipping.


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