29Gallon tank with starter kit- local pick up only!!


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Get all you need in one place! For local pick up only- I have a few new 29gallon tanks available. This will come with a kit with a large (up to 60g) cycled sponge filter, up to 40g air pump and tubing to go with the filter, 10mls Seachem Prime and Stability, thermometer, feeding tongs, measuring syringe, small decor and your option of floating plants.  Written instructions are provided on how to set up your new tank using the kit. Larger tanks mean less cleaning!

This is also good for people who may want 2 axolotls. This tank can house two adult axolotls as long as they are similar in size and the same sex. (babies cannot be sexed until adults so there is a chance you have may to separate if you end up with opposite sexes in a year or so). ***$10 off any two axolotls when purchased with this tank and kit!



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