25 EGGS!! Hypomelanistic/axanthic copper with a variety of morphs! *please read entire description*


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Laid 3/23-3/24 these axolotl eggs will be available for shipping presumably from Wednesday 3/27- Tuesday 4/2.   I am hoping for a clutch of Hypomelanistic variants, coppers, axanthic, melanoid, albino and Lucy. Mom “Betty White” an axanthic copper has produced one clutch in the past and it was very large and healthy with all hets seen. Dad “Ice-T” a hypomelanistic mel is a first time breeder.

The price is for a set of 25 plus usually a few extra eggs including priority USPS shipping. Eggs will be packaged in an insulated styrofoam box with an ice pack in a fish bag of water and air. Priority takes 1-3 days usually depending on location. If you want to upgrade your shipping just contact me or select it during check out. If you would like MORE than 25 eggs please contact me to work it out but it is no problem.

Eggs will be “Beaned” or starting to develop prior to shipping to ensure viability. I can take a picture of your bath before sending if you so choose. After the eggs reach the post office, I cannot control what happens next and therefore cannot guarantee the eggs will all hatch and grow to be 3 inches long. This is the first time breeding this particular pair so it is unknown if there are any other factors that will affect them. If you have concerns I am happy to work with you just contact me.

“Betty White” female axanthic copper hatched 1/24/22   From Tina at The Mottled lots- eggs received  From “Cherry Coke” female axanthic copper het mel from Luther’s/Shelby brown parents. Hatched 1/20/20 from a copper mel and copper. Dad was “100 grand” male hatched 2/24/21 Axanthic copper Male all het. Mom- mel lucy all het, from northern Known hets include Mel, albino, ,axanthic,  copper , albino and hypomelanistic.


Male: “Ice T” male from Happy Hart Axolotls (bred by Axolotls by Debbie) got 1/18/24 Hatch 2/8/23 Dad “Zenistu (11/10/21) a hypo copper from Rainey Day Aquatics. Dad is “Galaxy” a hypo produced by Roofus Aquatics and mom is “Mahagony” a mel axanthic  produced by Luther’s lotls. Mom “Zena” (12/11/20) is a hypo from lone Wolf Lotls. Mom is a GFP Mel copper het white and albino. Dad is a hexa het mosaic. Zena’s father is known for producing mosaics.



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