“Unicorn” hypomelanistic sub adult 6-7 inches


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This beautiful standard hypomelanistic morph is pretty uncommon! You don’t see a lot of them due to the morph being rather new. This guy or girl is from a starburst wild female names Marilyn Monroe produce by happy axolotls from. Gfp melanoid and gfp Lucy. Hets are starburst wild, golden albino, copper and albino. Dad was Honey Dijon from the Mottles Lotl and he is an all het hypomelanistic whose mom was a gfp Mac and dad was a penta het mosaic. This sub adult was hatched  6/22/22. I was going to keep him or her but am downsizing. He would make a great pet and even better breeder! If you’re looking for a. Unusual color that you don’t see all the time then this is your axolotl!


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