“Robin Williams” ADULT MALE Dirty Blue Gill Lucy


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Robin is a 8-9 inch confirmed male adult that I am letting go of. He would be a great first axolotl or companion to another male. He was hatched 12/1/21 and is still young. His Parents were a Lucy and a GFP Lucy produced by a Lotl Love. That is all the information I have on his genetics so I would prefer his home be pet only and not a breeder. Robin is s pink leucistic or Lucy for short morph with dark eyes and purple/blue gill stalks that have pink fluff or filaments. There are not a lot of Lucy’s that are blue gill as well as “dirty” which means has freckles or darker spots on his face. So he is unique looking! Eating night crawlers. Contact me for any questions. For those who require shipping, please allow about 5 days of fasting for any adult axolotl prior to shipping.


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