“Melanie” GFP Melanoid confirmed FEMALE


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I’m letting go of this awesome girl and I’m sure someone will snatch her up! She was one of my breeders and was a good producer of healthy eggs. She is a GFP (glowing) melanoid that is a little bit silver with some dark spots in the light. Her eyes glow a neon green with or without a black light. Melanie was hatched 9/2019 from Northern Axolotls and raised for a little while at The Mottled lotl. Parents were a Lucy and GFP melanoid. Her hets or  morphs she can produce are melanoid, albino and golden albino, lucy and copper. She would make a great pet to be alone or with another confirmed female, or an excellent breeder due to her wide variety of hets or morphs she can potentially produce. I have bred her about 3 times since I’ve had her as a 3 inch baby and she has always been healthy.

Please allow a minimum of 5 days prior to shipping for fasting so her water stays clean if shipping is needed. Thanks!


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