EGGS! Lot of 25 Lucy, albino, mel (please read entire description)


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*AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Eggs can only be shipped during a certain time in their development. USPS priority shipping is included only until Thursday 11/20/23. IF there is an order placed after that it would have to be extra money for Fedex overnight or USPS express.

Hi this is for  one set of 25 eggs that have been beaned and are sure to be viable at time of shipping.

Dad- “Michaell Jackson” A light axanthic produced By Luthers Lotls het for albino, lucy and mel.

Mom- “Lizzie Borden” a GFP wild produced by Alaskan Axolotls. She is het for mel and Lucy at minimum.

These eggs will be a mix of roughly half GFP or glowing, and include lucy, wild, albino and mel at minimum.

Quantity of eggs can be changed but no less than 25 will be shipped. Please email me to increase the number of eggs of to combine with the other eggs from my other clutch.

**SHIPPING** is included in the price of the eggs. USPS priority mail will take 2-3 days usually so please select local pick up at checkout. Eggs comes with a care guide and hatchlings raising tips. The only guarantee iOS that they are viable eggs when they leave here, the rest is up to you. You need to follow the instructions to make sure they hatch and grow.



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