Teddy- EGGS! Lot of 30 GFP Lucy/mel/albino eggs (read entire description)


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*AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY SO GET THEM SOON! There is a certain time in the eggs development when they can be shipped and those days are 1/18/23 Wednesday- 1/23/23 Monday. If there are still any left after Monday you will have to get Overnight Fedex or USPS express shipping to ensure the viability of the eggs.  Or else the priority shipping is included in the price.

This is for a set of 25 axolotl eggs. Mom “Jon Benet” a GFP or glowing Lucy het for albino and possibly more. 3.5 years old From Don Bieherals, a private hobbiest.  Dad- “Johnny Depp” a GFP melanoid that is all het. He is from The Mottled Lotl.

This clutch will be all GFP, lucy, wild, melanoid, albino and if Jon Benet has another het like Golden then that will be present as well.

Eggs will be examined to make sure they are beaned or developed enough to be deemed viable prior to shipping. After that, it is up to you to get them to hatch. I include a hatching and baby guide as well as the clutch info with all eggs. If you have questions, please contact me. No Guarantees that the eggs will all make it to 3 inch juveniles!! IF for some reason you get the eggs and they are not viable, please send me pics and I will work with you.

Shipping is USPS priority which is included in the price. Please select LOCAL pick up under shipping method and I will automatically use priority. if you want to use a faster shipping method, you can select that or contact me.


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