EGGS!! Lot of 25 all melanoid variety


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Hi it’s time for eggs! From 12/11/22-1214/22 I can ship eggs using USPS priority mail. Shipping is included in the cost of the eggs so please select LOCAL PICKUP when you check out.

This pretty blue gill Mel Lucy male is from The Mottled Lotl and is vacationing with us here. He is het for everything except hypomelanistic. his name si “Jack Frost”. “Melanie”, the female, was produced by Strohl’s Herptitiles about 4 years ago. She is an all het melanoid with some light coloring patches on her head. She has laid very nice clutches in the past.

In this clutch we are expecting all varieties of melanoid. Including mel albino, mel lucy, melanoid, mel axanthic and mel copper with some wilds. it will be a very nice variety! Contact me for more questions and different quantities of eggs. Each order comes with parent’s info and a care sheet.


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